An effective vegetable oil based herbal emoluent for fast relief of pain and inflammation

Sida Cordifolia (bala),Milk Gingelly Oil
Sida Cordifolia (bala) is one of the important medicinal plant in ayurveda belonging to the Dasamoola group and is well known for its anti-inflammatory and Rasayana properties. Kesari’s Ksheerabala prepared using the extract of the roots in gingely oil is very effective in the treatment of regenerative diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system.The oil application* (oileation therapy) with massage on the affected parts give faster relief from pain and inflammation. The glycosides present in the root extract form an emulsion with the oil and penetrates into the affected parts a nd produce the anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions.Both experimental and clinical studies have proved the pharmacological actions of Sida Cordifolia extract.


  • Sciatica, Lumbago, Spondylitis, Degenerative diseases of joints, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sport injuries, Hemiplegia & Paraplegia.
Usage: Apply sufficient quantity of the oil on the affected parts and massage gently till the oil gets absorbed through the skin. Daily application, 2-3 times, will give faster relief.

Presentation:Bottles of 75 ml.